What is Opensea

OpenSea is an american on-line nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace headquartered in New York City. the corporate was based by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah in 2017.

OpenSea offers a marketplace leaving non-fungible tokens to be sold-out directly at a hard and fast price, or through an auction, supported the Ethereum ERC-721 customary and therefore the layer-2 scaling answer for Ethereum Polygon.

Steps to Buy NFT on OpenSea

  • Download your wallet app. Coinbase Wallet is one of the most popular options.
  • Set up your account. The personal information you’ll need to provide depends on your platform. Some apps require a lot of details, whereas others only ask for your email address.
  • Write down the private key presented as a 12-word phrase. Store it safely since you’ll lose access to your crypto if you lose it.
  • Transfer cryptocurrency to the wallet. You should be able to buy crypto with traditional currencies, such as euros or US dollars. However, some wallets require you to transfer the funds from elsewhere.

Now you need to purchase ETH (Ethereum). This cryptocurrency will enable you to buy NFTs on OpenSea. This is what you’ll need to do:

Coinbase.com and log in with your credentials.

  • Click the “Buy/Sell” button and choose “Ethereum.
  • Press “Preview Buy” to confirm the order and select the “Buy Now” option to finalize your purchase.
  • Your ETH should be transferred in a few days. When that happens, go to your wallet account and copy the wallet address.
  • Return to Coinbase and pick “Portfolio.
  • Select “Ethereum,” press “Send,” and paste the wallet address into the appropriate field. Double-check your address to ensure you’re sending ETH to the right destination.
  • Click the “Continue” button, and your ETH should show up in your wallet after a couple of minutes.

Once you’ve created your crypto wallet and bought ETH, you can now buy NFTs on OpenSea. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Launch your browser and navigate to the OpenSea homepage.
  • Go to the upper-right corner of your screen and click the wallet symbol. The platform should now prompt you to link your wallet. After connecting your wallet, your account will be ready to go.
  • The app should now take you to your profile page, offering insight into any tokens you’ve created, collected, or favored for potential purchases. If you wish to change your account from “Unnamed,” head to the settings symbol in the right section of your picture to customize your profile. Pass the security prompt and sign an agreement to continue. Choose your username, add some information, and include your email address.
  • Explore OpenSea to find the NFTs you want to purchase.
  • Review any collected information about your NFTs. Collectible and rarer NFTs may have some valuable properties. Make sure to go through their pricing history to determine if you should use them for trading.
  • Press “Buy Now” once you’ve found the ideal NFT. You may need to review several details about the purchase before finalizing the transaction. It helps ensure you’re not getting scammed by buying similar and not authentic versions of your NFT.
  • If the transaction looks good, proceed to the checkout and review the cost of the purchase. Agree to the platform’s terms and hit “Checkout” to complete the transfer.
  • This should bring you to your wallet and lay down the final cost, including any applicable fees on the blockchain. Click “Confirm,” and you should be good to go. To check out the NFT in the wallet, go back to your profile and choose “In Wallet” in the left section of the screen. The platform may take some time to process your requests, but it should show your NFTs after a few seconds.